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DAOstack: Catalyzing the Future of Collaboration

DAOstack is an exciting blockchain technology project with a product launch this spring and a token sale beginning May 1.

Designed to catalyze the future of collaboration, DAOstack is a platform for decentralized governance that enables decentralized companies, funds, and markets to easily self-organize around shared goals or values. DAOstack is sometimes called an operating system for collective intelligence, or a WordPress for DAOs.

The platform includes a flexible smart contract framework, a friendly javascript developer environment, and an intuitive user interface that allows anyone to create or participate in a decentralized organization without technical knowledge.

Most of the expected proceeds from the DAOstack token sale will be reserved for management by a DAO fund, in which the community of GEN token holders will create proposals for the allocation of resources.

The Need

The movement toward decentralization, in which networks of peers self-organize to act collectively without concentrated power centers, has arisen as an exciting alternative to conventional top-down organizations. One such type of organization, the DAO – or decentralized autonomous organization – has become popular in concept.

Up until this point, however, the decentralization movement has not yet scaled. One main reason has been the lack of effective governance and technology solutions to coordinate decision-making among large groups. DAOstack provides that solution.

The Approach

DAOstack is designed not to be a fixed offering in decentralized governance, but rather a sandbox for ongoing experimentation, in which bits and pieces of governance infrastructure can be easily mixed and matched for each organization, like LEGO building blocks or WordPress templates. It’s also built to be highly accessible, serving the needs of everyone from blockchain-governance programmers to the most technophobic DAO participants. DAOstack also makes it easy for developers to build custom front-end applications based on the stack’s back end.

DAOstack Use Cases

Collaboration: Imagine a film project of 1,000 artists, an open-source software project of 10,000 developers, a climate initiative of 50,000 scientists, or a collaborative news network of 100,000 journalists.

Asset Management: Imagine decentralized versions of venture funds, insurance networks, charitable funds, or real estate investment collectives.

Curation: Imagine decentralized versions of restaurant or hotel guides, similar to Yelp or TripAdvisor; article or video feeds, akin to social news feeds or Reddit; or website listings, like a socially curated Google search

The Collaborative Economy

DAOstack is designed to underpin not just individual organizations but an entire ecosystem of interoperable DAOs, able to share talent, ideas, and learnings. DAOs will even be able to act as members of other DAOs, creating a fluid “DAO mesh” or “internet of work”. DAOstack envisions tens or hundreds of millions of people are participating in this kind of collaborative economy – one in which no one wields a disproportionate amount of power, all are rewarded in proportion to the value they contribute, and everyone is incentivized to act in alignment with the common good.

The GEN Token Sale

GEN is an ERC-20 token and the native token of the DAOstack platform. Basic operations across the DAOstack ecosystem, such as boosting proposals into the collective attention, will require the spending or holding of GEN. GEN will be also be distributed to contributors of value through the DAOstack framework itself, incentivizing development, promotion and adoption.

Presale: May 1, 2018 at 4:00 am GMT

Main sale: May 8, 2018 at 4:00 am GMT

Hard cap: $30M

Total tokens: 60,000,000 GEN

Tokens to be sold: 40,000,000 GEN

Addt’l tokens reserved for the Genesis DAO, a community-managed fund

Website and whitelist:

Website & Whitelist | Short Film | Telegram Chat | Telegram Announcements | Medium | YouTube |Github |Twitter

Five Reasons the Genaro Network is your Next #Storage Tool

Back in 1995-2005, we relied on personal hardware: hard discs, portable devices, etc. Then in 2006 Eric Schmidt introduced much of the world to accessible Cloud computing. All at once, it took multiple industries by storm. In less than 10 years, blockchain technologies have arrived to challenge those same industries with decentralized structures. Storage is one of the essential industries now facing a serious disruption from blockchain.

Just think – from a user, company, corporate or almost any other perspective, today we all have something to store online, and yet we worry about the security of the storage, its efficiency, accessibility and other factors.

Bloackchain may have the potential to answer each of these, in time. Just like many of our fellow blockchain startups, we at the Genaro Network haven’t decided to create simply another filing system allowing users to store data – rather we seek to develop an entire ecosystem of a kind that hasn’t been built before. Many would argue that the decentralized cloud storage market is unlikely to end in a winner-take-all outcome. However here below we’ll take time out to challenge this assumption.

The purpose of this piece is to walk a reader through our ecosystem and share 5 reasons why using Genaro is the best bet.

Genaro Network & Ecosystem

Let’s kick off with the big picture. A majority of people tend to ask how different we are from our competitors. Unlike others Genaro isn’t just solving decentralized storage, but creating a unique toolkit that includes Genaro Eden, Genaro Sharer, Genaro Enterprise Edition, and Genaro wallet, and will eventually include the Genaro Hub, Loft and Accelerator projects.

All of this will establish an ecosystem that will allow users, entities, miners (farmers) and stake holders (PoS people) to generate and use more GNX tokens for a growing array of services and benefits.

At Genaro, we know that mass data storage and analysis on the blockchain will be key to expanding the burgeoning DAPP industry. Currently, decentralized apps are at an evolutionary stage as they feel their way towards reliability, but a blockchain with integrated storage solutions could propel things forward.

1.  Storage Redefined (Airbnb in #Storage Industry – and not only that)

Genaro is the first Turing-complete public chain with a fully integrated decentralized storage network that allows the deployment of smart contracts and data storage together, making it a useful for developers who are trying to drive the blockchain revolution. Genaro’s Virtual Machine will deploy smart contracts that will remove the need for referral to third parties, based on affordable pricing and flexibility. In storage, Genaro also uses artificial intelligence optimization algorithms to pick up the most proximate nodes for users uploading their data, providing a seamless experience for everyone.

2. SPoR+PoS (farming and staking simultaneously)

At Genaro we have a unique technology combining both proof of stake (PoS) with Sentinel Proof of Retrievability (SPoR) for consensus. We use PoS as general consensus, but then creatively add the SPoR algorithm as the storage consensus, which could potentially radically increase both public chain scalability and file transferring speed.

3. Keeping it Public: Turing-complete Smart Contracts and a Public Chain-bank

We are even taking things a step farther with our storage capabilities. While there were other alternatives, we made the blockchain a public one, with storage integrated. Here is the picture: a Turing-complete chain with ecosystem for users+wallet to make use of GNX tokens from farming and SPoR.

4. The Application of Sharing Economy Theory

When community members/contributors share their unused storage space, they can earn Genaro GNX Tokens, which are exchangeable into fiat currency at any time. The more storage is shared, the more GNX tokens are earned,

5. Genaro Hub Co-living Space

 We decided not to limit ourselves to an online ecosystem, but also to develop physical infrastructure. Think of this: you are a startup that has an idea, passion and initial supporters. You still need help, and plenty of it. Genaro can provide a space to live in, professional resources and access to funding and further services using GNX. Getting integrated into Genaro’s ecosystem to benefit online as well as offline, with data secured and opportunities opening up as the ecosystem grows. Would that be an offer you’d want to take up?

Simply put: Genaro Network+Turing-Complete,PublicChain+Decentralized Storage for DAAPs= Blockchain 3.0 and a Trustworthy Internet

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Now or Never! Join the Game with Exclusive Terms with UnicornGo

The game industry is hyping now. Growing interest has given birth of new advanced IT products, namely, online games based on blockchain.

Make a Friend for Yourself

UnicornGo is a cryptocollection online-game featuring advance game play. It is a true universe populated with mythic characters, unicorns.  Players get their unique pet and earn money by playing the game.

Great Benefits

UnicornGo is a possibility to increase your financial assets. There will be limited amount of the in-game currency CandyCoin. Only 12,000,000 Candies will be issued in the game, and this will surely help increase the coins’ price.

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The first release of the game will be based on Ethereum and later transferred to a dedicated Universa platform. Two unique technologies will be integrated: IZETEX, the augmented reality, to place assets at any geolocation point; and a NeuroBasic’s solution for controlling characters by mind power.

Even today you can get CandyCoins. The second round of presale will be finished on 22nd February. During these few days (until 22nd February) one token will cost 0.001 ETH. Tokens will cost much more during the final round of presale, from 22 to 28 February. During this period, Candies will cost 0.0015 ETH.

What has been done

    • Genetic core is developed.
    • Amazing gameplay model is developed.
    • Official website of the game is created.
    • The personal cabinet with a multicurrency purse has been launched.
    • Official profiles of the project are open on social networks.
    • Smart contracts are developed, tested and verified.
    • The legal component of the project has been developed.
    • Forum for players is developed.
    • Unicorngo PTE LTD is registered in Singapore.
    • The project is ready for use on the Ethereum platform .
    • Sales of unicorns GEN-0 have started.

Start the game with favorable terms!

Get more information about the UnicornGO, read the white paper or purchase collectible GEN-0 unicorns and get chance to win legendary unicorn and 10,000 USD gift: