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Followers of The Deep project are so far aware of the highly technical background behind this emerging enterprise, however pure technicality is far from enough to create a fully immersive self-governing world. Having had a vision from a young age, Founder and Technological Lead Aleksei Bystrov shares his early inspiring moments which lead to the ever forming perception of The Deep.

The Deep is a fully user-governed decentralized world with a democratic structure. Using the Delegated Proof of Stake protocol, a method of seamless decentralization, users are able to look forward to a limitless virtual district of equally limitless opportunities.

Aleksei Bystrov elaborates on the concept of The Deep being born in the form of multiple triggers below.

How Did The Idea of Creating The Deep Nurture?

Having been interested in technology from a relatively young age, computers followed by the internet have significantly influenced my view of the world. The internet provided me with the luxury of being part of the most connected civilization thus far, therefore obvious opportunities presented themselves as a result of this ubiquitous connectivity factor. The generic synchronization of global intellect has opened up a new realm of connectivity in terms of creators’ minds by virtue of the internet.

The initial journey within computing began in the form of gaming. I had a soft-spot for some classics such as Prince of Persia, Diablo I, Heroes of Might and Magic III. The variety of these games explored different avenues of immediate stimulation for users, not to mention the emotional ingression. At the time of games as such, the rapid development and surge in graphics served as the complete fulfillment factor. Following the era of the aforementioned games, developers proceeded to build games based on reliance of social interaction in forms of DOTA, Minecraft and various MMORPG classic.

As the era of encouraging user engagement took place, users were enamored by the detail and returned to their respective virtual characters on a frequent basis. Over time, the limited functionality of standard MMORPGs have become a burden for both the operators and players due to server dependencies and limited storylines especially. Limitations as such truly rattle the creative thought process of users, creating a mental block in practice — I have experienced this first hand. These issues were often swept under the carpet, nevertheless I had a vision of a seamless virtual world beyond these limitations. With general and mainstream development getting closer to reliable methodologies, the creation of an eternal P2P world in a virtual form has become a possibility — this is how The Deep took it’s first life form.

What are Your Visions of The Deep?

Simple, I want to see The Deep prosper as a free and affectionate space. With The Deep, in-game landowners will become prosperous with the ability of customizing their possessions as they wish — freedom like this is what has been missing thus far. I want users to be able to walk around freely, with businesses of varying sizes to prosper within an autonomous democratic community.

Making games, leisure and entertainment part of The Deep is just as important as the base architecture. Users will have the pleasure of enjoying various games, stores, pubs and bars located in wondrous multi-story constructions beyond our imagination. Those who fancy an outdoor based, alternatively cultural experience will be able to visit some of the most anticipated parks/greenery and galleries with breathtaking exhibitions.

Setting the pleasure factor aside for a moment, I am a strong advocate of education. As part of the Deep, we envisage virtual libraries, universities and institutes as being part of the every day Deep life, educating about real world matters as well as in-game life as a whole. With the right education, people obtain the skillset to take part in the new era of interaction for people, The Deep. Throughout the years, there have been inspiring creations, but I have every intention of creating a new environment, a current sensation and new opportunities.

The Legacy

Meanwhile The Deep may be looked at as a virtual bunker, it isn’t. Despite it being a user-governed decentralized world running on a crypto economy, I consider state and society law to play a crucial part of a harmonious existence. The Delegated Proof of Stake consensus ensures The Deep to be sheltered as a democratic world, while the availability of change by consent is going to remain — general voting dictates a vital role in the ecosystem.

At first, we’ve received varied reception when the announcement of a self-governed world was made, this just shows how people have forgotten what it’s like to actually control the environment around them whether it’s political, physical or simply materialistic.

Future of The Deep

By launching The Deep, we are penetrating a completely new niche, in-fact we are creating one. During the steady evolution of computing, social-entertainment and technology, emerging creations have revolutionized the general term of ‘entertainment’. The Deep isn’t just part of this, it’s the next step in line. Along with the team, we are gathering our best efforts to create this beautifully immersive world and bring it to life.

We have a long yet detailed Roadmap ahead, making this journey a real experience to bear. Following the initial development of the Alpha Version, Virtual Reality support and compatibility will be instantly prioritized. As the final launch approaches in due time, we have a rich list of ideas to bring to the public eye, The Deep’s development potential is endless and I am excited to be part of it.

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