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Now or Never! Join the Game with Exclusive Terms with UnicornGo

The game industry is hyping now. Growing interest has given birth of new advanced IT products, namely, online games based on blockchain.

Make a Friend for Yourself

UnicornGo is a cryptocollection online-game featuring advance game play. It is a true universe populated with mythic characters, unicorns.  Players get their unique pet and earn money by playing the game.

Great Benefits

UnicornGo is a possibility to increase your financial assets. There will be limited amount of the in-game currency CandyCoin. Only 12,000,000 Candies will be issued in the game, and this will surely help increase the coins’ price.

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The first release of the game will be based on Ethereum and later transferred to a dedicated Universa platform. Two unique technologies will be integrated: IZETEX, the augmented reality, to place assets at any geolocation point; and a NeuroBasic’s solution for controlling characters by mind power.

Even today you can get CandyCoins. The second round of presale will be finished on 22nd February. During these few days (until 22nd February) one token will cost 0.001 ETH. Tokens will cost much more during the final round of presale, from 22 to 28 February. During this period, Candies will cost 0.0015 ETH.

What has been done

    • Genetic core is developed.
    • Amazing gameplay model is developed.
    • Official website of the game is created.
    • The personal cabinet with a multicurrency purse has been launched.
    • Official profiles of the project are open on social networks.
    • Smart contracts are developed, tested and verified.
    • The legal component of the project has been developed.
    • Forum for players is developed.
    • Unicorngo PTE LTD is registered in Singapore.
    • The project is ready for use on the Ethereum platform .
    • Sales of unicorns GEN-0 have started.

Start the game with favorable terms!

Get more information about the UnicornGO, read the white paper or purchase collectible GEN-0 unicorns and get chance to win legendary unicorn and 10,000 USD gift:


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