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How to Get OTN Tokens?

A blockchain is probably the greatest technological innovation of the 21st century so far. Its full potential is yet to be seen. However, it is already clear that the world — and the world of professional finance in particular — will never be the same. Despite positive long-term prospects, the technology is still immature and fragile, especially in the sphere of cross-chain operations. Separate blockchains fail to cooperate effectively, turning cryptocurrency management into a hassle. The Open Trading Network* is aiming to solve this problem. Just like the Internet connected separate computer networks into a World Wide Web, the OTN is going to unite isolated blockchains into a global network.

With all the new possibilities offered to the financial and cryptocurrency markets, the Open Trading Network is destined to hit it big. Fortunately, all traders out there already have a chance to lay their hands on OTN tokens. In order to do so, you simply have to trade crypto assets on the IQ Option trading platform.

Read the full article to learn more about OTN tokens and their practical applications.

Why not ICO?

Initial coin offerings are the hottest topic of the trading season. However, in the professional cryptocurrency community, the term ICO is quickly becoming the synonym for a scam. It is incredibly easy to raise funds with the help of nothing but a white paper — a long list of promises usually not even accompanied by a working prototype, never mind a fully operational project. On the back of the cryptocurrency craze, ‘developers’ attract millions of dollars without returning any tangible results.

Jordan Belfort, the infamous penny-stock broker formerly known as the “Wolf of Wall Street,” goes as far as to call all ICOs the ‘biggest scam ever’. And he is not the only one to warn risk-taking investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a U.S. government agency that oversees securities transactions, alerted potential investors to the pump and dump ICO schemes.

The OTN foundation does not want to be associated with scam and unfair business practices and has, therefore, introduced the original system of token distribution which is not banking on user funding.

How to Get?

There are two ways to get OTN tokens.

First is to mine them by trading crypto assets on the IQ Option platform. Each week a new portion of OTN tokens will be distributed among all traders involved in the cryptocurrency trading. The number of tokens received by each individual is directly connected to his respective trading volume. Please note that the number of tokens released weekly will gradually diminish, thus increasing the mining difficulty and simultaneously driving the token price up.

The second option is to buy OTN tokens directly from The exchange can also be used to sell OTN tokens. This option is designed for those who are not particularly interested in trading. The difference between two approaches is clear. While those who buy OTN tokens via an online exchange miss out on any potential trading-related profit, IQ Option clients have a chance to both receive OTN tokens and capitalize on the cryptocurrency trading itself.

It is your choice whether to sell the received tokens now or to wait for them to appreciate and capitalize on them later.

Reasons to “Mine”

The OTN system itself is designed with an idea to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry, turning separate blockchains into a global network and providing additional opportunities for individuals, traders, businesses and regulators. OTN tokens can, therefore, be expected to go up in price due to increasing popularity of the Open Trading Network and related services.

On the technical side, the amount of OTN tokens released each week is going to decrease over time. According to the laws of demand and supply, the price of OTN tokens will go up due to contracting supply and growing demand.

If not for speculative purposes, OTN tokens can also be used to cover the commission when trading on the IQ Option platform.

OTN Official Website

Storiqa makes cryptocurrency closer to the world Usual e-shop with a few peculiarities for unusual currency

Storiqa has recently closed the soft cap of $ 5 000 000 and is ready to make a difference in eCommerce. The new Blockchain-based platform may seriously change the usage of cryptocurrency, making it wider and more common for the general public.

The new project unites the manufacturers from all over the world, giving them all the necessary tools for easy and transparent trading without the middlemen. Only direct communication between seller and buyer without the borders and with the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency.

Digital currency becomes more and more popular in the world. Futurologists already speak about the new society and economic system, free from traditional banks and centralized structures. The world, where all the processes are based on smart-contracts. It spreads and becomes known everywhere – from US, Germany, and UK to the post-soviet countries like Estonia, Latvia, Russia and so on.

However, despite all the expectations, hopes and enthusiasm, cryptocurrency still experiences some problems. Usage is one of such an issues. Nowadays, the digital currency has limited usability – AirBaltic, some e-shops, darknet markets, some pubs in Europe. Still, all that is incomparable with the usage of the fiat currency.

There are different ICO, aiming to find the solution to this problem. Storiqa currently is one of them and turns to be the most useful one. This Blockchain-based marketplace, which allows to vendors and manufacturers create their own e-shops, where customers can pay with cryptocurrency as well as fiat money.  The founders of the platform believe that soon Storiqa will be much more popular and attractive for the producers from all around the world. It gives an opportunity for small-scale producers to go global passing barriers such as high expenses for developing online shop and its maintaining.

Unlike most of the e-commerce platforms, Storiqa does not require special programming skills, there is no middleman between customer and merchant, as well as there are no high commissions for payments and during 2 free months a seller will be able to try key platform features: goods localisation with help of community members (copywriters, photographers), support 24/7 in 8 languages, transparent review system and affiliate marketing (traffic monetization for bloggers with referral links leads to sales increase for sellers).  On the one hand, Storiqa has all necessary tools for effective business, and on the other, it is free from the most of the disadvantages, typical for the traditional e-commerce.

Storiqa is the marketplace platform powered by Blockchain. The goal of Storiqa is helping the local businesses to create e-shops in short terms, as well as integrate cryptocurrency usage in the e-commerce industry. Legally Storiqa is based in Switzerland and conforms to the laws of this country.

Who will Defeat Goliath? MediShares Initiates the Mutual Aid Contract Marketplace

Insurance is an industry that is more than 300 years old with a huge market value.

However, the capital efficiency of traditional modes of insurance is less than 20% due to a lot of funds being paid as salary of insurance brokers and overheads of business operation. Most insurance organisations are overstaffed, and overall mechanism lags behind the pace of market development, leading to avoidably low operational efficiency as a whole.

How to reduce the operational costs of insurance? Blockchain technology gives the solution in a new way.

Yingning Wei, the former vice chairman of CIRC, said in 2016:“ Instead of internet insurance, blockchain technology is going to overturn the traditional insurance.”

That’s what MediShares sees.

What will insurance be like in the future?

Skyscrapers of the traditional insurance company

Centralized, high costs

Internet-based E-policy

Limited reduction of the cost

Mutual aid “smart contract”

Decentralized, reduce the operating costs to zero

Mutual aid contract, a program runs on blockchain, can not be changed by anyone once it is recorded on blockchain, as same as the data saved on blockchain.

Mutual aid contract is going to be the future insurance thanks to its irrevocable characteristic.

It has a huge advantage over the traditional insurance, as its settlement process will be implemented by the tokens locked with smart contract, which ensures the promised compensation will be positively fulfilled .

As a mutual aid contract will replace an insurance policy, there will be a huge contract marketplace, which is exactly what MediShares is working on.

What is MediShares?

MediShares is an Ethereum-based, decentralized, open-source mutual insurance contract platform.

Globally, any organisation or individual can be qualified for settlement under mutual aid contract by locking MediShares MDS, so as to be eligible for the mutual aid amount so specified in the contract.

Globally, any organisation or individual (which is properly licensed and/or otherwise qualified, as assessed by the Platform) can create mutual aid contracts via the smart contract template provided by the Platform, and MDS will be paid to these contract creators.

Infinite possibilities of mutual aid contract based on MediShares

Mutual Aid Contract for Serious Illness

Serious illness insurance contract mainly covers insurance for serious illness such as cancer, for which settlement is completed upon completion of claim settlement investigation, result publicity and community supervision, and as a general rule there will be a half-year observation period.

MediShares’s first participant-Zhongtopia, which has more than 9,000,000 mutual aid members and owns rich experience in mutual aid community operation product design, will create mutual aid contract for serious illness on MediShares. This will be the first mutual aid product without capital poor in history and will improve the efficiency of mutual aid. Zhongtopia’s low operational cost model naturally matches blockchain’s decentralization.

Mutual Aid Contract for X-sports Fans

Take diving of X-sports as an example, the number of global diving fans is large, but this risky sport of the highest death rate is not matched by corresponding accident mutual aid product.

Through the Platform, the members of diving association (e.g. Professional Association of Diving Instructors) or community can create mutual aid contracts targeting diving fans.

Mutual Aid Contract for Various Illness

Many patients of chronic diseases (e.g. HBV) are reluctant to buy insurance for fear of disclosure of personal information (which may result in unemployment).

With cryptographic methods such as zero-knowledge proof, anonymous illness mutual aid contracts of blockchain can protect the user’s privacy, while at the same time deliver fair and impartial mutual aid assistance.

Mutual Aid Contract for Supercar Owners

Due to expensive maintenance price, supercars are declined for insurance by most insurers, or supercar owners are discouraged by expensive insurance premium. To illustrate, the seasonal expenditure of Top Gear on Hunan Satellite TV could not afford to pay the insurance premium for one test drive of a Ferrari 250 GTO.

Supercar club or owner can remarkably reduce the cost by creating mutual aid contracts for use by other supercar owners.

Mutual Aid Contract for Disastrous Weather

Disastrous weather is small probability event in a certain geographic area, but from a global view it occurs relatively. With the trend of increased frequency of these event, many families suffer a lot as a result.

Automatic triggering of smart contract is achieved by reading global independent and unbiased weather and earthquake related interface, so as to realize full automatic mutual aid contract in its truest sense.

Mutual Aid Contract for Virtual Asset

With more and more virtual digital assets coming into the life of ordinary people, market demand for safe virtual asset insurance is increasing.

The user can create mutual aid contracts established for the risk of loss from transaction of virtual asset; once the user suffers loss and provides publishable evidence, he/she will be recovered such loss.

Advantages of Decentralisation

No Capital Pool: All tokens are locked by smart contract.

Low Operational Cost: Smart contracts and DAO will significantly reduce the operational cost.

Incentive System: Anyone who become insurer in MediShares shall gain MDS Token from the marketplace.

Value Sharing: Policyholders will able to share the community profits and value.

Global Marketplace: Break the geographical restrictions and allow users to participate globally.

Mission & Vision

MediShares is going to build a more efficient and fair blockchain-based mutual aid contract marketplace to create a better health care system and improve social efficiency. It is believed that blockchain technology will achieve the inclusive finance.