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What are EVC Tokens?

EventChain Smart Ticketing platform — solving counterfeiting and ticket scalping using the Ethereum blockchain. EventChain is an advanced decentralized blockchain token network that powers a unique smart contract ticketing system (SmartTickets™). EventChain solves many of the problems with current event ticketing systems available today while providing the additional benefits of using a blockchain as the foundation by creating immutable Smart Tickets that cannot be counterfeit and allow artists and vendors to sell tickets with almost no processing, convenience, and purchasing fees.


EVC Tokens are an ERC20 Ethereum token designed specifically for use as a utility token within the EventChain platform. Both the EventChain system and its EVC Tokens encourages everyone in the ecosystem, including all stake holders such as event managers of sport and concert events, party organizers, social clubs and ticket purchasers to sell or buy SmartTickets using EVC Tokens and other traditional payment methods.

What Ticketing Problems are solved?

There are many many issues in the current event ticketing industry that are solved through EventChain, but lets focus on four of the main issues

1. Counterfeit tickets are created and sold for events.

A finite amount of immutable SmartTickets will be available for each event and are tied to an event’s smart contract. Each SmartTicket has a unique nonce, or unique sequence number that makes it impossible to be sold multiple times or counterfeited on the network. Proof of ownership can be verified through the Ethereum blockchain by implementing zero-knowledge proofs whereby a purchaser can prove ownership of their ticket without revealing any information besides the fact the ticket is theirs.

2. No immutable proof that the ticket is an authentic original ticket

SmartTickets have the ability to maintain data in the form of smart contract code and can be interpreted through the EventChain Oracle, so if a SmartTicket is resold all of the original ticket information is still embedded on EventChain’s framework.

3. Pre-sale ticket offerings are often not transparent

Using the Ethereum blockchain as a foundation brings a higher level of transaction accountability, scalability and fungibility to the event ticketing industry than any existing centralized ticketing architecture available. The EventChain network on the blockchain brings complete transparency to all parties involved.

4. Ticket scalpers mark up resale tickets 200% or more in an unfair manner

SmartTickets are fully programmable, enabling smart contract code that can peg tickets at a permanent price, designate a maximum markup value, or attribute any other individual or group ticket pricing variables on both the primary and secondary markets.

To prevent massive ticket purchases from scalpers, event ticket distribution options can be tailored with any custom range on the amount of tickets available to single users or groups, and optional constraints that allow for alternative distribution methods.

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AdMine Launches Pre-ICO in a Bid to Disrupt the Online Advertising Industry

AdMine Launches Pre-ICO in a Bid to Disrupt the Online Advertising Industry

As part of the fundraising campaign for the development of the new AdMine project, the company has announced the launch of an ICO presale, giving early investors the chance to purchase tokens at a favorable rate and take advantage of the limited-time bonus scheme. Based on the widely-adopted ERC-20 token standard, the limited quantity MediaCoins will serve as an internal cryptocurrency for the AdMine platform upon its launch in mid-2018.

What is AdMine?

Billing itself as the “World’s First Social Network of Brands,” AdMine is an innovative new platform that aims to transform traditional online advertising and fully and effectively utilize the potential of the industry. The project is designed to benefit all participants of online advertising campaigns, serving the interests of both content consumers and brands. The platform compensates users for viewing ads while vastly increasing the effectiveness of digital campaigns for companies.

The team behind AdMine has combined their rich experience in the advertising industry and technical expertise to create a first-of-its-kind product that unites the interests of audiences and advertisers, assuring mutual benefit to all involved. The blockchain-based system ensures full protection of personal data and payment transactions, while providing precise but anonymous analytical and performance data to advertisers.

Benefits for Users

AdMine users receive coins for viewing ads or participating in market research or product testing. Users can view only those ads which they are interested in by subscribing to their favorite brands and specifying product preferences. This ensures maximum engagement and relevance, and hence also providing the most effective return to advertisers. Users receive coins directly from the advertisers for completing tasks and ad viewing, which can in turn be used to shop online, withdrawn, or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

In order to incentivize users to complete a more thorough demographic profile, tokens are credited for every additional bit of personal info given. AdMine does not transfer or disclose any personal data to third parties. User matching and audience selection is carried out by automated smart contracts which have exclusive access to user data, ensuring full confidentiality for all system users.

Benefits for Advertisers

AdMine is the first system of its kind to give advertisers the power to target audiences across the entire system of participating platforms. Advertisers can filter based on a myriad of demographic characteristics and parameters, thus always reaching the most-relevant and accessible audience. AdMine gives advertisers the most cost-effective outreach solution by allowing them to determine the price they are willing to pay for each viewing or task, so campaigns of all budgets are possible.

Additionally, AdMine provides companies unique opportunities for the performance of various tasks such as market research through subscriber surveys, app and game testing, quality assurance, and more through its intelligent audience matching mechanism.

How AdMine Works

At its core, the system is based on blockchain technology, taking full advantage of blockchain’s unique properties of decentralization, accountability and security. All procedures and calculations are done directly within the encrypted system, foregoing the need for any costly intermediaries. The use of smart contracts provides an equitable framework and guarantees the security and fault tolerance of the system as a whole.

The AdMine system works with any browser, search engine, application or game, and every site or application owner can connect to the system for free. Advertising applications can also freely use the API, allowing them to sell all unsold traffic and partake in CPA-targeted advertising.

ICO Structure

As part of its ICO, AdMine will release MediaCoin tokens based on the ERC-20 standard. Tokens will be produced in a limited number of 100,000,000, without the possibility of any subsequent issue. At the end of the ICO, all tokens will be distributed among investors, and any unsold tokens will be liquidated. This limited-release approach will ensure the absence of any inflation within the system, and assure a rise in token value.

All settlements within the system will be made through MediaTokens using an internal payment mechanism that is independent of external currencies or quotations. Tokens are purchased by system participants as a payment method within the system, or for their future exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

Investors will be able to sell their tokens to new participants, and also see in real time how they are being used within the entire ecosystem. AdMine will automatically redeem tokens from investors anytime a user purchases the internal currency (MediaCoin) by generating an order on the exchange.

To learn more about AdMine and to purchase tokens head to

18 December Pre-Sale ICO Starts

Day 1 50% bonus tokens

Days 2 – 3 30% bonus tokens

Days 4 and on 25% bonus tokens

PRE ICO: 18.12.17 – 19.01.1

ICO START: 19.03.18

ICO FINISH: 20.04.18

What is Ardor Coin

In the past few weeks, Ardor has been attracting more attention from the blockchain community.

So what is Ardor, in simple terms?

Ardor is a blockchain ecosystem

As you can read on the website, the Ardor platform is much more than a cryptocurrency. It is a platform that will become the backbone of a powerful ecosystem, including a large number of assets, currencies, and most importantly child chains.

What problems does it solve?

The unique architecture of Ardor solves two problems:

1. It provides an elegant solution to scaling issues

A blockchain is a ‘continuously growing list of records’.

As a blockchain keeps growing, eventually, the file size becomes huge, and it becomes harder to download, synchronize and manage.

The Ardor platform is not one blockchain, but several blockchains.

There is:

  • The main chain, also known as the parent chain, Ardor. Its main function is to provide security for the network. It does not have many features. This is a good thing because it will always be lightweight and fast.
  • Child chains, such as Ignis, have all the features (such as decentralized asset exchange, monetary system, voting system, marketplace, etc).

In the future, it will be possible to add many child chains for special purposes, like ERC20 tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Because of this unique architecture, the Ardor blockchain will be able to grow in a sustainable way for many years.

2. It is easy to customize for businesses

The Ardor platform is a ‘Blockchain-as-a-Service’ solution.

It does not target consumers, but businesses.

Businesses will require blockchains for various purposes. All they really want is something that is ready to install and implement. In fact, Ardor has many relevant features already available out-of-the-box.

Therefore, a company will not need to code all applications from scratch, which would create severe security risks if their development team is not fully experienced in blockchain technologies.

In other words, what Ardor will eventually do for the blockchain is similar to what WordPress did for website development.

Although, you could try and code a new website from scratch, or hire a developper to do so, there are many reasons to use the proven building blocks provided by WordPress to achieve the same goals easily.

To conclude, Ardor is a scalable blockchain ecosystem that will prove to be a simple, reliable and secure way for businesses and organizations to use the blockchain for their various needs.

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