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What is Ardor Coin

In the past few weeks, Ardor has been attracting more attention from the blockchain community.

So what is Ardor, in simple terms?

Ardor is a blockchain ecosystem

As you can read on the website, the Ardor platform is much more than a cryptocurrency. It is a platform that will become the backbone of a powerful ecosystem, including a large number of assets, currencies, and most importantly child chains.

What problems does it solve?

The unique architecture of Ardor solves two problems:

1. It provides an elegant solution to scaling issues

A blockchain is a ‘continuously growing list of records’.

As a blockchain keeps growing, eventually, the file size becomes huge, and it becomes harder to download, synchronize and manage.

The Ardor platform is not one blockchain, but several blockchains.

There is:

  • The main chain, also known as the parent chain, Ardor. Its main function is to provide security for the network. It does not have many features. This is a good thing because it will always be lightweight and fast.
  • Child chains, such as Ignis, have all the features (such as decentralized asset exchange, monetary system, voting system, marketplace, etc).

In the future, it will be possible to add many child chains for special purposes, like ERC20 tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Because of this unique architecture, the Ardor blockchain will be able to grow in a sustainable way for many years.

2. It is easy to customize for businesses

The Ardor platform is a ‘Blockchain-as-a-Service’ solution.

It does not target consumers, but businesses.

Businesses will require blockchains for various purposes. All they really want is something that is ready to install and implement. In fact, Ardor has many relevant features already available out-of-the-box.

Therefore, a company will not need to code all applications from scratch, which would create severe security risks if their development team is not fully experienced in blockchain technologies.

In other words, what Ardor will eventually do for the blockchain is similar to what WordPress did for website development.

Although, you could try and code a new website from scratch, or hire a developper to do so, there are many reasons to use the proven building blocks provided by WordPress to achieve the same goals easily.

To conclude, Ardor is a scalable blockchain ecosystem that will prove to be a simple, reliable and secure way for businesses and organizations to use the blockchain for their various needs.

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